George Liaskos

I have used ProForce Pink Lotion Dish Detergent for the last 5 years. It does a great job! We’ve also tried the ProForce Heavy Duty Degreaser and it is a great product.”

-George Liaskos, Owner, Nick & George’s

Floor Stripper FAQs

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Can ProForce® Floor Stripper be used on all types of floors?
This product can be used on all resilient flooring such as rubber or vinyl. It is also recommended for use to remove applied finished from ceramic tile as well as terrazzo or concrete that has been previously sealed. This product is not recommended for use on marble or unsealed wood floors.
Can this product be used on surfaces such as brick, slate, marble, granite, terrazzo, or concrete?
Floor Stripper is not recommended for use on these surfaces unless the surface has been sealed. When used as directed, Floor Stripper will not harm sealed surfaces.
Can I use this product on parquet floors?
ProForce® Floor Stripper is not intended for use on parquet floors.
What is the pH of ProForce® Floor Stripper?
The pH is 12.5 when in concentrated form before it is diluted with water for use.
What type of mop should I use with this product?
A cotton string mop is recommended for use with ProForce® Floor Stripper. These mop heads are available at Sam's Club in Janitorial aisle next to ProForce products.
How should I prep the floor prior to applying this product?
For best results, remove excess debris and dust mop the floor prior to applying Floor Stripper.
What is the proper dilution for light, moderate and heavy soil buildup?
For light to moderate buildup mix 1 part product to 6 parts hot water. For heavy finish buildup mix 1 part product to 1 part hot water. See product label for complete use instructions.
Will it damage my floor if the product isn't mopped up in 3 to 5 minutes?
The 3-5 minute time frame is a guideline to help you achieve the best results possible with this product. Longer contact times will not harm your floors. However, do not allow product to dry on the floor.
Does this product require ventilation?
This product should only be used in a well-ventilated area.
How do I dispose of any unused product?
As with all chemicals, regulations prohibit disposal of this product or rinse water in storm drains, lakes or streams. Please help protect the environment by observing all applicable regulations for storage and disposal. Please rinse and recycle the container.
Can I mix this product with other cleaners or chemicals?
ProForce® Floor Stripper should not be mixed with other cleaners or chemicals. Please follow use instructions on the product label.
Is this product harmful to septic systems?
This product, when used as directed, will not harm septic systems.