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I have used ProForce Pink Lotion Dish Detergent for the last 5 years. It does a great job! We’ve also tried the ProForce Heavy Duty Degreaser and it is a great product.”

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High Gloss Floor Finish FAQs

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Can ProForce® High Gloss Floor Finish be used on all types of floors?
This product can be used on all resilient flooring such as linoleum, rubber or vinyl tile. Product can also be used on sealed cork floors. ProForce® High Gloss Floor Finish is recommended for use on terrazzo and concrete that has been previously sealed. This product is not recommended for use on marble or wood floors.
What is the pH of ProForce® High Gloss Floor Finish?
The pH is 8.4.
Can this product be used on surfaces such as brick, slate, marble, granite, terrazzo, or concrete?
High Gloss Floor Finish is not recommended for use on these surfaces unless the surface has been sealed. Unsealed surfaces such as these will absorb the finish, leaving no shine to the surface. When used as directed, High Gloss Floor Finish can be used on these surfaces only if they have been previously sealed.
How much time is required to dry between coats of finish?
Typically, each coat of ProForce® High Gloss Floor Finish will dry in 15-20 minutes. The floor is dry when it no longer feels tacky and is completely transparent in all areas of the floor. In very dry conditions, a coat may dry in 8-10 minutes. In extremely unfavorable humidity or temperature conditions, it may take much longer.

Drying time between coats is variable depending on humidity, air temperature, room temperature, the surface, and the thickness of the coat. In addition, each coat needs more time than the previous coat to dry. As you add coats, it is ideal to wait twice as long as it took for the previous coat to dry before adding the next coat or to allow foot traffic.
Can adding more coats of ProForce® High Gloss Floor Finish enhance the product performance?
While not required to achieve a professional-looking finish with the product, applying additional coats will add increased depth, luster and durability to the product's performance.
Can this product be used on outdoor surfaces?
ProForce® High Gloss Floor Finish is not intended for outdoor surfaces. This product is for indoor use only.
Should this product be diluted?
ProForce® High Gloss Floor Finish is a ready to use product, do not dilute. Please follow use instructions on the product label.
What type of mop should I use to apply this product?
Use a rayon, nylon or synthetic blended string mop to apply ProForce® High Gloss Floor Finish. Do not use a cotton or sponge mop as these will leave lint or particles in the finish that will be noticeable when dried.
Water spots left on finish are turning it milky/purple color. What do I do?
This will occur in nearly all applied finishes. Please call 1-866-999-7484 for further advice on how to repair the finish.
Is it necessary to apply a sealer before using this product?
For resilient flooring such as vinyl tile or rolled vinyl flooring, a sealer is not necessary. For terrazzo, concrete and commercial wood surfaces, it is highly recommended. For ceramic tile, slate, stone floors it is optional.
The label says "Keep From Freezing." What happens if product is frozen?
Product that has been exposed to freezing temperatures and separated cannot be used.
How do I dispose of any unused product?
As with all chemicals, regulations prohibit disposal of this product or rinse water in storm drains, lakes or streams. Please help protect the environment by observing all applicable regulations for storage and disposal. Please rinse and recycle the container.
What is the coverage area of this product?
One 2.5 gallon container will typically cover 5,000 to 7,000 square feet per coat when applied according to label directions.