George Liaskos

I have used ProForce Pink Lotion Dish Detergent for the last 5 years. It does a great job! We’ve also tried the ProForce Heavy Duty Degreaser and it is a great product.”

-George Liaskos, Owner, Nick & George’s

Multipurpose Pine Cleaner FAQs

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On what surfaces can this product be used?
Kitchens: Appliance exteriors, floors, walls, counters, sinks, range hoods & stove tops
Bathrooms: Toilets, urinals, showers, tubs, floors & walls
General Cleaning: Floors, walls, sinks, stainless steel, chrome & plastics
Deodorizing: Garbage cans, sinks, toilet bowls, dumpsters, restrooms & dock areas
Can it be used on ceramic tile & grout?
ProForce® Multipurpose Pine Cleaner can be used on ceramic tile and grout.
What is the pH of ProForce® Multipurpose Pine Cleaner?
The pH is 7.5 when in concentrated form before it is diluted with water for use.
Is this product a disinfectant or sanitizer?
ProForce® Multipurpose Pine Cleaner is not a disinfectant or sanitizer. If you are looking for an EPA registered disinfecting cleaner or sanitizer, we recommend ProForce Lemon Fresh Disinfectant Cleaner or ProForce Sanitizer.
How do I dispose of any unused product?
As with all chemicals, regulations prohibit disposal of this product or rinse water in storm drains, lakes or streams. Please help protect the environment by observing all applicable regulations for storage and disposal. Please rinse and recycle the container.
Can I mix this product with other cleaners or chemicals?
ProForce® Multipurpose Pine Cleaner should not be mixed with other cleaners or chemicals. Please follow use instructions on the product label.
Is this product harmful to septic systems?
This product, when used as directed, will not harm septic systems.