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Foaming Hand Soap Foaming Hand Soap

ProForce Foaming Antibacterial Hand Soap and Dispensers are available in the Paper Aisle!

Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser
Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser

Item #106133    $5.98     1 Dispenser

For use in ProForce Foaming Antibacterial Hand Soap Refills Item # 106126

High Capacity Black Dispenser

Mounts Easily to Any Wall

• Refills Quickly





Refill Installation

  1. Press button at bottom center of dispenser to release cover, then pull cover forward from top.
  2. Remove the shipping cap from the pump. Place the bag into open dispenser. The bag should rest behind the tabs on the dispenser walls.
  3. Slide the pump into the slot with the latch finger grips facing out. Press into slot until latch clicks into place.
  4. Tuck any excess bag into the dispenser and close the front, making sure not to pinch the bag at top or sides. The dispenser is now ready to use.


  • Restrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Offices
  • Daycare Centers
  • Health Care Facilities
Do you have soap refills available for this product?
ProForce does currently offer Foaming Antibacterial Hand Soap refills (Item # 106126) for use with ProForce Foaming Hand Soap Dispensers at Sam’s Club. Both the Dispenser and the Soap refills can be found in the paper goods aisle.
Can this dispenser use any soap refills?
The ProForce Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser was designed for use with the ProForce Foaming Antibacterial Hand Soap refills (Item # 106126) exclusively. Both the Dispenser and the Soap refills can be found in the paper goods aisle.
I lost my instruction sheet and don’t know how to install the ProForce Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser. Can I get a copy of the instructions?
Please contact our Customer Service 866-999-7484 to obtain a copy of the Dispenser installation instructions.
How much soap does this dispenser deliver per single pump ?
The ProForce Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser output is 0.73 mL per single pump, resulting in over 1,300 hand washes per refill bag.
When I dispense the soap after refilling the dispenser, the soap is runny and not foaming. Did I install it incorrectly?
After installation of a new refill, early pumps may produce thinner foam. Foam will thicken with continued and subsequent dispenses.

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